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Sensors and Microphones

Compression Pickups

  Compression pickups are specially designed to fit in compression mode under the feet of floating bridges; they are extremely thin at only .03", and provide exceptional performance for violin family instruments, mandolins and archtop guitars. 

Soundboard Pickups


 Nearly wieghtless surface contact pickups attach with high quality double sided adhesive tape. 


Saddle Pickups

 The thinnest, flatest saddle pickups on the market. Unparallelled natural sound and feedback resistance and trouble-free installation. Available for all saddle type instruments 



  Point to point hand soldered discrete components offer excellent gain and extremely low noise performance. Available in battery and phantom powered versions 

Condensor Mics and Arrays

 High quality condensor microphones and mic arrays with integrated phantom or battery powered preamps 


Scientific Sensors and Custom Applications

 With an incredible bandwidth of over 2 gigaherz, our scientific sensors are available in balanced, unbalanced, shielded and unshielded versions  


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