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Vibrational Physics

  Over 30 years of pioneering innovations have made Open to Source Sensors the go-to company for accurately capturing and amplifying virtually everything that vibrates. Over 125 dedicated musical instrument products guarantee the most accurate and natural tone available to discerning musicians and research scientists.    

New Technology

  Super sensitive thin film polymers with bandwidths exceeding 2 gigaherz and cutting edge microphone line arrays bring exciting new possibilities for capturing and amplifying your instruments to the highest possible levels of audio purity and fidelity.     

The choice of professionals

  When exceptional tone, harmonic sensitivity, and high feedback resistance are your top priorities, Open to Source Sensors has the perfect product for all your performance needs.   

 "David Enke is probably the most innovative builder I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. This man is taking stringed instruments to a WHOLE other level. Check out his page. Some of the things he is doing are simply unheard of in music. It's my belief that he may be one of the greatest innovators in musical instruments since Leo Fender, Les Paul etc. All built by one guy. New pickup designs are absolutely insane as well." - Bass Porn 

Open To Source Sensors

Compression Pickups

 Compression pickups are specially designed to fit in compression mode under the feet of floating bridges; they are extremely thin at only .03", and provide exceptional performance for violin family instruments, mandolins and archtop guitars.

Soundboard Pickups

 Nearly wieghtless surface contact pickups attach with high quality double sided adhesive tape. 

Saddle Pickups

 The thinnest, flatest saddle pickups on the market. Unparallelled natural sound and feedback resistance and trouble-free installation. Available for all saddle type instruments 


 Point to point hand soldered discrete components offer excellent gain and extremely low noise performance. Available in battery and phantom powered versions 

Condensor Mics and Arrays

 High quality condensor microphones and mic arrays with integrated phantom or battery powered preamps 

Scientific Sensors

 With an incredible bandwidth of over 2 gigaherz, our scientific sensors are available in balanced, unbalanced, shielded and unshielded versions  

Calabash Pickup

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Polymer Film Pickup Demo

New 5-string Electric Bass

Very special and gorgeous instruments; one of the best by Enke Designs

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