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  Using the finest tonewoods and materials, master luthier David Enke hand crafts musical instruments that are beautiful in both appearance and in the music that they create. With over 35 years of experience, David is considered one of today’s premier experimental designers, and is known for elegant flowing lines, sophisticated electronics, and an innate sense of proportion. Incorporating a deep understanding of acoustic principals and structural integrity, David’s instruments can be found in the hands of discriminating players and private collectors all over the world.  

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David Enke on the Sitar/Guitar

Wall Harp Performance

The Wall Harp is a one of a kind 50 foot long musical instrument that has 72 strings, 128 notes, and the longest string is 22 feet…..The sound emerges from 8 resonating bodies spaced 45 feet apart along a 60 foot wall, giving the listener the experience of being inside a rather massive stereo field…..

New Custom 5-string Bass

One of my best ever basses - this is really a favorite of mine; incredible body with deep rich color tones of the wood.

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