David Enke

 Using the finest tonewoods and materials, master luthier David Enke hand crafts musical instruments that are beautiful in both appearance and in the music that they create. With over 35 years of experience, David is considered one of today’s premier experimental designers, and is known for elegant flowing lines, sophisticated electronics, and an innate sense of proportion. Incorporating a deep understanding of acoustic principals and structural integrity, David’s instruments can be found in the hands of discriminating players and private collectors all over the world.   

Open to Source

  I feel grateful to have so many opportunities to seek perfection in my work. Creativity guides every moment perfectly, and one perfect moment leads to another. I have no "bean-counter" sitting over my shoulder telling me when I should be finished, and I have absolutely no idea how many hours I go into the creation of any of my instruments. I am blessed to have been able to keep my work as a luthier completely free from financial considerations of any kind. The creative process tells me when it’s time to move on to the next step, or when my work is finally done. Everything begins from a point of curiosity and what can be discovered in the process of creating something new for the first time ever.  

-David Enke 

Doubleneck Mandolin/Guitar

 Doubleneck Mandolin/Guitar with tunable tailpiece by David Enke of Open to Source Studios  This instrument is completely hollowed out, and though it's designed to be amplified, it puts out a pretty decent acoustic volume. Solid 8mm thick bookmatched box elder burl top with spruce braces. The body is lined with carbon fiber cloth. This features a special Enke Tunable Tailpiece design for the mandolin that allows the user to use the strings behind the bridge to create sympathetic overtones or to set the strings to a specific chord. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or let me know if you are interested in purchasing this or something similar. Blessings    


10-String Mandola

Additional Information

Enke Designs neck through the body Mandolin / Mandola custom Acoustic-Electric Monkey-Pod Bowl-Back instrument . 

100 year old sinker bearclaw sitka spruce top with blue paua shell soundhole rosette, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with maple burl, rosewood, and redheart inlay, ebony bridge and fittings, gold tuners and hardware, bone nut and saddle, Open to Source Sensors saddle pickup. 17.30" scale length. Tuned (low to high) CGDAD or CGDAE. Brand new. 

Open to Source Studios

David Enke on the Sitar/Guitar

Wall Harp Performance

The Wall Harp is a one of a kind 50 foot long musical instrument that has 72 strings, 128 notes, and the longest string is 22 feet…..The sound emerges from 8 resonating bodies spaced 45 feet apart along a 60 foot wall, giving the listener the experience of being inside a rather massive stereo field…..

New Custom 5-string Bass

Another best-ever; incredible body with deep rich color tones in the wood.

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