Harmonium Pickups / New Dehli Music

 Check out the world's very first plug and play internal microphone array / pick up system for harmonium!

This incredibly simple system is comprised of three super high quality mini condenser microphones mounted in a rosewood strip that drops into the back of the keyboard and picks up the entire instrument faithfully and evenly with excellent isolation and very high volumes before feedback.  

Violin Soundpost and Banjo Pickups / Magic Fluke

 3/20/15 Update – New Open Source Sensors pick up is now available. This high quality U.S.A. made soundboard transducer is a big improvement over the previous system. Known for their warm, accurate acoustic sound reproduction, these custom made pickups give the Cricket a surprisingly big rich sound. Because of the unique mounting between the sound post and the top, no preamp is required which means no battery to worry about, super light weight, AND lower cost.

Plasma and Bio Field Sensors / The Pond Science Institute

 The Pond Science Institute explores and develops the science, art, philosophy and technology of John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell, Phineas Quimby, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce and conventional sciences both in theory and application. Our work is to build bridges between these discoverers and orthodox science and medicine. This underlying interlinking science is called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP). The basic tenent of SVP is the study of vibration and oscillation as the basic feature of all that there is, visible and invisible. Mind Force is real and is engineerable.


Oregon Flute Store

 The Mini Mike is an extremely high quality, versatile, condenser microphone optimized for amplifying wind instruments. It offers fantastic performance features and tone with excellent frequency response and feedback elimination. It’s designed to plug into virtually any type of amplifier, mixer, recording console, or stereo with a ¼” jack and provides a strong, clean signal achieving excellent results. The convenient Velcro strap was designed specifically for the Native American style flute allowing the mike to attach to the flute just below the sound hole.  

Kalium Strings

Developing subsonic bridge saddle sensors and support electronics for this awesome company.

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

  The Wall Harp is a one of a kind 50 foot long musical instrument that has 72 strings, 128 notes, and the longest string is 22 feet…..The sound emerges from 8 resonating bodies spaced 45 feet apart along a 60 foot wall, giving the listener the experience of being inside a rather massive stereo field…..

Breakthrough Energy Movement

 Featured musician and presenter at the 2016 conference in Bastrop ,TX.