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Chakra-tuning pendants, pyramids and more...

Stands for Awesomeness

Pieces powerful in Spirit, designed to perfectly enhance any place in your home and life serving many functions as a gorgeous stand / altar piece or crystal-grid tray.

Dream Bundles

Open to Source Studios Seasonal Creations

Antennas for the Soul

Handmade with Love

 30 years ago, the desire to help raise intuition and an inner sense of direction led to the development of electronic pineal gland stimulators, but the engineering was complicated and in all likelihood it probably wasn't the right time for these things to come into form...

72 Mineral / Crystal Blend

Then a series of breakthroughs and epiphanies led to an understanding that the desired effects could be achieved organically by using combinations of high energy crystals and vibrational science.  

Chakra Tuning

 In early 2014, with much testing and guidance from numerous and totally awesome people in the subtle energy and holistic health fields, the first resonant harmonic orgonite chakra-balancers were born and the first Orgone Pendants were available. The first ones were a great success and opened the channels for further development and realization. 

Orgonite Pendants

 The word got out and people began reporting a wide variety of positive effects from being in proximity to the materials. From their earliest inception, the life force in the minerals have guided the process and helped it evolve to higher and higher levels. New formulas are being developed all the time.    

Altar Pieces

 The subtle energy processes used are gentle and organic by nature, and all the minerals used represent the structural tuning reference points that our physical bodies are based upon. 

Orgone Pyramids

 Every person's body knows what it needs to come into perfect harmony and balance and harmonic chakra balancing technology can help bring this information to the forefront of consciousness where changes in lifestyle, diet or habits can easily be recognized and made.   

Tree of Life Orgonite

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